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Search for parking space devours time and money


The search for parking space in Germany on average requires 10 minutes, in Italy even fifteen. This is the result of a recent opinion poll among car drivers, commissioned by APCOA PARKING, Europe’s leader in parking management.

  • According to the study, the price drivers are paying for their search for a parking space is surprisingly high: each search ranges over 4.5 km on average
  • The unnecessarily covered distance costs car owners 1,35 Euro per search.
  • As usually two people are sitting in a car, each search for a parking space sums up to twenty to thirty minutes of lifetime consumed.
  • Covering unnecessary distances searching for a parking space usually amounts up to average costs of € 1.35
  • Each search comes with an environmental impact of 1,3 kilogramme of CO₂ emissions.
  • International polls show 30 % of all car drivers are hunting for parking space in congested city centres. In some city quarters this may result in an annually driven distance by cars equivalent of 14 times the circumference of the earth..
  • 16 Euro is the amount a German car driver annually pays on average for parking violations. With 36 Euro the Danish are heading European league tables. A total of 24 % of all car drivers recently questioned by APCOA PARKING admitted illegal kerb parking within the last six months. 
  • Expenses for parking in car parks are perceived to be much higher than they are in reality. On average German car drivers are paying a moderate 60 Euro per year for parking in car parks.

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