A leader in every way in Europe and the No. 1 in Germany.

The APCOA Group is Europe's leading parking operator with 50 years of industry expertise. With 5,000 employees, the company manages around 1.8 million individual parking spaces at over 12,000 locations in 13 European countries. This includes parking spaces at 1,800 locations in cities and shopping centers, 400 hotels, 150 hospitals and 58 European airports. With our business models, APCOA is the trusted partner for private and public real estate owners.

Through our open digital platform APCOA FLOW, we connect on-street and off-street parking properties with business partners, cooperation partners and end customers and their vehicles. Based on this technology, APCOA transforms parking properties into mobility centers and offers innovative services that enable a more convenient mobility experience. This also benefits the environment: with our digital services and intelligent traffic management system, we actively contribute to reducing emissions in cities by reducing the amount of traffic searching for parking spaces. The combination of parking and mobility positions APCOA as an important component of a smart city.

APCOA Deutschland GmbH is based at Stuttgart Airport and offers its customers more than 230,000 parking spaces at around 300 locations in over 80 cities. The company stands for modern parking space management in city centers, at airports, trade fairs, hotels and hospitals throughout Germany.

APCOA stands for top performance and reliability in parking management. As the European market leader, we are present in over 2,000 cities. Our size allows us flexibility and individual solutions for our customers.



Advancing the parking infrastructure as an essential part of tomorrow's sustainable mobility.


We make the most of every parking space.


We are crossing borders to shape the future of parking.

The driving force of APCOA

Katrin Teichert | Managing Director

Katrin Teichert has been the new Managing Director of APCOA Deutschland GmbH, Germany's largest parking garage operator, since May 1, 2023. With 25 years of management experience in the automotive, mobility and service industry, she is driving APCOA forward in the areas of parking, charging, technology and urban solutions.

She has extensive expertise in business management, business development and the development of new business models. Previous roles in her career include senior positions at companies such as MOBIVIA, ATU, Hertz Car Rental and General Motors Europe.

Business Lines


Relaxed parking in over 2000 European cities. APCOA offers secure parking options so that you can concentrate on the essentials. From central locations to parking garages - we are there for you everywhere.

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Get ready for the future of mobility. APCOA is building a nationwide network of charging stations for electric vehicles. With our technology, you can charge in an environmentally friendly and convenient way, wherever you are.

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Welcome to the digital future of parking. APCOA uses innovative technologies to improve your parking experience. With digital solutions such as online booking and contactless payment, we make parking easier and more efficient.

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Urban Solutions

Rethinking urban mobility. APCOA develops intelligent solutions to optimize traffic in our cities. From sustainable parking concepts to innovative traffic solutions - we are helping to shape the future of urban mobility.

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Efficient, environmentally friendly, digital: APCOA's vision for the parking of tomorrow

APCOA is convinced that parking space should not only be used efficiently, but should also be designed to be environmentally friendly. Our activities are therefore guided by a clear vision: We want to offer innovative parking solutions, develop sustainable mobility concepts and integrate digital resources into a seamless and stress-free parking experience. We are continuously working on advances in the areas of parking, charging, technologies and urban solutions for optimal parking space management.

Since our founding, we have dedicated ourselves to being the leading parking management company, putting innovation, customer focus and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. APCOA thrives on dynamic cooperation, our diverse teams and the individual skills that work on future-oriented solutions and further developments every day.


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Innovative thinking for a green future

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at APCOA - it is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Parking is a complex topic that is constantly evolving and is no longer conceivable without environmentally conscious strategies. Our sustainability concepts extend across various areas: We promote sustainable mobility solutions at our locations through multimodal transportation services. In this way, we are linking parking, mobility and urban life ever more closely together. Electromobility also plays an important role in promoting environmentally friendly means of transportation and reducing CO2 emissions - for a better quality of life and air. That is why we are continuously working on expanding charging stations in our parking garages. In addition, we are integrating energy-efficient behavior into our parking lots by using modern technologies, making optimal use of existing resources and using solar panels as a sustainable energy source. Digital technologies have become an integral part of parking management, as they enable efficient use of parking space and significantly reduce traffic volumes. Other strategies such as the introduction of APNR systems and cashless payment options, micromobility and smart city solutions are aimed at making parking management more sustainable. 

By working closely with trusted partners on forward-looking solutions, we are making an important contribution to protecting our environment. Our “APCOA Sustainability in Action” initiative represents our ESG measures, which stand for responsible solutions in parking space management. 


The development of APCOA: a parking management success story

APCOA in 1947

Airport Parking Corporation of America Inc. is founded as a subsidiary of ITT Corporation. This marks the beginning of APCOA's expansion strategy, which aims to establish itself as a global player in parking management.

APCOA from 1970 to 1979

In the 1970s, APCOA Autoparking GmbH was founded in Germany and expanded into Austria with APCOA Parking Austria in Vienna. These years are characterized by continuous European expansion and the consolidation of business activities.

APCOA from 1980 to 1989

The 1980s were characterized by geographical diversification and the consolidation of the European market position through APCOA's market entry in the UK and Italy. Further expansions during this decade consolidated APCOA's global presence.

APCOA from 1990 to 1999

The change of name to APCOA Parking AG and the IPO are milestones of the 1990s. The acquisition of the EuroPark Group in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and the management buy-out by CWB Capital Partners Limited consolidate APCOA's position as the leading parking facility manager in Europe.

APCOA from 2000 to 2009

In the new millennium, APCOA acquires companies in the UK and Germany, thereby strengthening its presence in these markets. The entry of Investcorp as a major shareholder enables expansion into other European countries such as Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

APCOA from 2010 to 2019

The years 2010 to 2019 are characterized by a successful financial restructuring under the leadership of Investcorp. APCOA expands its portfolio in Europe through strategic acquisitions and consolidates its position as a leading provider in parking management.

APCOA from 2020 to 2024

Following the successful restructuring with Centerbridge Partners in 2014, APCOA has reached another milestone: since October 2023, the company has been fully managed by SVP (Strategic Value Partners), a US investment company.

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