The Taxi Management System (TMS)

The Taxi Management System is an in-house APCOA system, specifically developed for the management of taxis, which has been running successfully for many years at airports in Scandinavia.
The TMS consists of hardware and software components: on the hardware side, TMS uses barriers, voucher printers and display panels alongside active transponders and corresponding reader units and the software used ensures the optimum flow of traffic and permits the gathering of quality criteria. The software also provides for the control of short-distance journeys and the regulation of pre-booked taxis.
All taxi zones – main holding zone, intermediate holding zone, taxi rank and SXF overflow buffer zone – are integrated within the TMS to guarantee continuous control of all arriving taxis.

The aims of the operating concept

  • Satisfied passengers
    Shorter waiting times, high quality of taxi services
  • Satisfied taxi drivers
    Appropriate supply equipment, improved waiting times, fair regulation of short journeys, simple billing
  • Travel safety
    Priority traffic control, separate waiting zones, monitoring of loading processes
  • Quality management
    Jointly agreed quality factors, demand-led quantity control
  • Environmental conservation
    Waiting times without running engines, possibility of taking CO2 into account
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Infrastructure investment covered and service maintained



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