Below you can find some questions frequently asked to our Customer Service Centre (CSC)

Is it possible that my parking charge has been calculated incorrectly?

The time displayed on our machines has been set manually. This time may not be what it says on your radio-controlled watch or satellite time. These times can vary by a couple of minutes.

Our machines (entrance/pay stations) are synchronized i.e. the registered time on entry is used as a basis/starting point for calculating your parking fee.

I did not receive a receipt / I need a receipt later

You can also request a receipt later. Please contact us via customerservice(at) and send us the following information:

  • city and location name
  • date and time of parking session
  • amount of the ticket
  • your preferred delivery (via email or fax to your number)

Payment with notes

Please insert notes by pushing them against the left hand side. If the notes are still rejected please contact our control centre by pressing the call button. A member of staff will be glad to help you.

What do I do when I receive a refund ticket / value ticket / exit ticket?

Refund ticket:
Please send us the original refund ticket  (an electronic copy or photocopy of the ticket will not be accepted) by post to APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH, Postfach 23 04 63, 70624 Stuttgart and include the car park name and your bank details. We will transfer the refund plus postage to your account within a fortnight. 

Value ticket:
Use this ticket to pay your parking fee at the pay station.

Please insert your parking ticket first and then the value ticket you received (into the same slot). Your parking fee will be reduced by the amount on the value ticket. Once you have paid the amount displayed you will receive your exit ticket as usual. The value ticket will remain in the machine.

Please do not send us value tickets as we cannot refund them.

Exit ticket:
Use this ticket to go straight to the exit barrier and leave the car park without using the pay station first.  

Time to exit

The waiting time between paying at the machine and exiting at the barrier depends on the size of the car park. The way from the machine to your vehicle and driving up to the barrier has been taken into account and gives you enough time. If however you do exceed the waiting time the exit terminal will ask you to pay the arrears.

Please go to the nearest pay station. If you do not know where the nearest pay station is, press the call button at the exit barrier and ask a member of staff for help.

Long-term parking - contract and cancellation

You can complete a contract anytime online via our website ( Alternatively you can contact us via e-mail service(at)

Should you wish to cancel your contract please send a letter by post or e-mail  service(at) Please provide both your customer and contract number.

Season tickets (maximum term: 3 months)

You can book season tickets online anytime on our website (
Alternatively you can contact us on ticketservice(at)

Please note:
It is not possible to cancel or terminate the contract early.

Airport reservation

You can reserve and book parking spaces anytime and exclusively online by visiting the airport website.
Should you have questions please write to airport(at)
Requests for cancellation can also be sent to this address airport(at)

Payment methods

Booking and prepaid payment
In case you have chosen the payment method "prepaid", the total amount of the booked parking period as well as a potential service fee will be charged from your credit card or bank account immediately. Please proceed to the pay machine if you have exceeded your prepaid parking period to pay the additional due amount. The tariffs shown at the car park sign are applicable.

Booking and payment at the exit:
By choosing "booking and payment at the exit" you will have to pay the parking fee, based on your actual parking period and the regular parking prices (as stated on the tariff list for the relevant car park). The service fee was debited in advance with your booking.


How to contact us

The parking control centre is staffed 24/7. Please use the call button in the car park which is located at both entrance and exit barriers as well as pay stations.

Please contact our Customer Service Center by email:




You got questions for our customer service? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with them. 



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