Valet Parking service - you arrive at the terminal, we park your car!

  • A separate stopping lane is located directly in front of the terminals
  • Ring the bell to announce your arrival
  • There will be a short, external check of your vehicle
  • Our attendant will park your vehicle
  • Collect your keys from our counter on your return

We offer additional services to valet parking customers:

  • We can also wash and fill your vehicle with fuel while you are away
  • Maintenance, repair and service is also possible
  • Secure parking: We can also lock your vehicle in a parking box if required
  • Value card (money): Order a value card (money) and park cash-free. We offer sales-related corporate discounts
  • Start-up assistance: We can offer immediate help you if your battery is flat.


Valet Service is available at

Baden Airpark
Tel.: 0711 / 94791 535

Stuttgart Airport 
Tel.: 0711 / 948 2069


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