Innovative Fleet Management: Optimize Your Fleet

Experience a new dimension of efficiency for your fleet with APCOA's fleet management. Through innovative solutions, we not only optimize the smooth operation of your vehicles but also prioritize sustainable and cost-effective approaches. With state-of-the-art technology and tailor-made strategies, we create a clear competitive advantage for your business. Dive into the future of fleet management and discover how APCOA elevates your fleet to a new level of performance.

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Experience the ease of fleet management with APCOA - efficient, flexible, and always at your fingertips.

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Redefining Fleet Management

The APCOA Fleet Portal makes managing your fleet processes easier. With just a few clicks, you can centrally upload and manage vehicle registrations and manage permanent parker authorizations.

Integration with the APCOA FLOW App also allows for distinguishing between private and business use. Individual adjustments to employee needs or infrastructure requirements can be made effortlessly. Smart fleet parking has never been so straightforward.

    Your Solution for Parking Management



    - Quick Onboarding: Start in just 3 Steps

    - Self-Admin Service: Manage Vehicles and Employees in Real-Time

    Cost Efficiency


    - Process Optimization: Forget paper tickets, thanks to ticketless parking."

    - Monthly Consolidated Billing: Save Time and Costs with Clear Billing of All Transactions.



    - 300+ Parking Facilities: Find Us in Over 80 Cities Nationwide

    Fleet Management Made Easy

    - Portal and API: Easily Manage Your Fleet Through Our Portal or via API

    - Private Use: You have the option to create private profiles for your users to distinguish private trips.

    The Pricing


    - Base Fee: Simple Entry for Your Company.

    - Short-term Parking Price per Parking Facility: Flexible and Transparent.

    - Long-term Parker Price per Parking Facility: Long-term Solution for Your Parking Needs.

    Your Fleet, Our Success Metrics: Discover How We Propel Your Business Forward


    Your Fleet, Our Success Metrics: Discover How We Propel Your Business Forward


    Overview of Services & Products


    For businesses that require parking spaces regularly, we offer exclusive long-term parking spaces. Secure your fixed spot in our over 175 parking facilities nationwide.

    Long-term Parking Spaces + Short-term Parking

    Flexibility meets reliability. Offer not only long-term parking spaces but also enable your employees to park on a short-term basis as needed.

    Short-term Parking

    For business meetings or visits, we offer the option of flexible short-term parking in our conveniently located parking facilities.

    Additional Services

    - E-Charging
    - Cleaning
    - Maintenance
    - Disinfection
    - Securing Your Areas
    - Dedicated Video Surveillance

    Processing through our digital platform FLOW

    • Online Management of Quotas
    • Contactless Entry and Exit via Automatic License Plate Recognition
    • Real-time Changes

    "Seamless Fleet Service in 4 Steps"

    Contract Signing


    Start with the custom contract. Our team supports you with any questions and ensures individual requirements are met.

    Upload License Plate


    Easily upload your license plates via the fleet portal.

    And off you go - simply drive in

    After these steps, your fleet is ready to go. Sit back while we take care of the rest.

    Personalized Fleet Service Starts Here: Contact Us

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    *On our website, we offer the option to get in touch with us via email and/or through a contact form. In this case, the information provided by you will be stored for the purpose of handling the contact request. It will not be shared with third parties. If the contact does not lead to the initiation of a business relationship, the personal data entered will be deleted. Further information can be found in our privacy policy.*



    Stefanie Kochs

    Head of Urban Hubs

    E-Mail: stefanie.kochs(at) 

    We are here to ensure that your fleet runs smoothly and efficiently. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about APCOA FLEET

    FLEET is new, innovative, and simplifies parking for customers. In over 300 parking facilities nationwide, users can conveniently enter and exit with their vehicle's license plate without needing a ticket. Billing is handled in the background through consolidated billing to the company.

    The registration of the company occurs after signing a FLEET application directly with APCOA.

    The registration of the driver is done by the fleet manager by inputting the vehicle's license plate in the portal/API and/or optionally sending a welcome email by the fleet manager including access credentials for downloading the APCOA FLOW App by the user.

    For registration, authorization and registration by the company are required. For legitimacy and identification when entering and exiting APCOA parking facilities, the license plates are stored by the fleet manager or business travel manager in APCOA FLEET. With a welcome email including access credentials, business travelers can optionally download the APCOA FLOW App and activate themselves as employees of the company, as well as potentially provide additional information such as a private profile.

    Registration for APCOA FLEET is free of charge. Customers will be charged the parking fees plus a transaction fee per business park transaction. Private park transactions do not incur additional transaction fees per parking session. Additionally, there is an annual service fee per active license plate.

    At present, we offer the APCOA FLEET service at over 300 locations in Germany. Customers can find an overview of all participating parking facilities on the APCOA homepage and in the APCOA FLOW APP. FLEET customers must use the designated FLOW entry/exit lane on-site, as only these are equipped with license plate recognition.

    Business travelers, after the prior registration of their license plate by their fleet manager or business travel manager in APCOA FLEET, can drive to an APCOA location and use the specifically designated APCOA FLOW entry barriers. The license plate is automatically recognized by the cameras, entry is granted, and the parking transaction is billed to the registered business customer account.

    In addition, users need to download the APCOA FLOW App and link a private payment profile, including private payment methods (e.g., credit card), to the business payment profile. Before or during the parking process, users must select the private payment profile in the APCOA FLOW App. The parking transaction will then be billed according to the selected payment profile.


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