Find driveways with a unique three-word address

What3words has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and assigned each square a unique three-word address - a combination of 3 randomly generated words. Thanks to the unique compilation of three-word addresses worldwide, any location can be found and shared exactly.

With the three-word address on our location pages, you have the ability to be navigated to our parking garage using the map service of your choice. Find out how it all works below.

What is what3words?

By dividing the entire earth into 3m x 3m squares, what3words offers a simple solution to uniquely identify any place in this world.

Each square has been assigned a unique three-word address, i.e. a combination consisting of three words describing each 3m x 3m square.    


Where can I find the addresses?

Each APCOA location is assigned the exact three-word address of the driveway, guiding you to your destination with pinpoint accuracy.

How do I recognize the addresses?
The what3words addresses always have the same structure and are represented in the form ///word.word.word. You will find the three-word address below the postal address of the location. By clicking on the three-word address, you can be conveniently guided to the APCOA parking garage/space using a navigation service of your choice.


Never pull a ticket again!  Go to Park-App

Never pull a ticket again!  Go to Park-App